The Art of Storytelling: Learn the Secret to Attention

This Happened Last week

Sam, “getting noticed online is a hassle, especially Tiktok I think the platform is already saturated.
“What type of content do you put out,”
I asked
“Mmm, I edit pictures, designs & Then I showcase my work in
a picture video format, with some music in the background”
Sam Said

I Smile Sipping my drink, I’ve always wanted to do this Sherlock Holmes silence Scene.

“I Spend hours making these designs and editing the videos, it’s highly stressful, Yet No One Sees My Work,” Sam said

So finally, I decided to tell him the truth.
“No one cares about your work Sam,” I Said, I think that was a bit too much, so I had to act fast.

“A New Study Reveals, People aged 4–15 spend an average of 112mins per Session on Tiktok,
A User Opens the App 8 Times A Day, Tiktok Has the Secret to Attention, and guess what, big Tiktok creators know the secret,
there know what to do the second they click record”

On 2022 March 18, Social media examiner, Host Michael Stelzner, released a video on YouTube,
and it was an interview with Michael Sanchez, A Tiktok marketing strategist,
He helps consumer-focused brands increase their reach on Tiktok, am not here to talk Tiktok, am here to talk “Attention”
Which is the currency of the internet, and for now, it seems Tiktok has more of it.

According to Michael Sanchez,
“Everybody that comes on to Tiktok for more of the business standpoint,
they focus on trying to sell themselves, their info, their product, and because of that so many people miss the core part, which is being a human,
Which is like how to communicate, that’s usually through stories,

A lot of times people tend to talk about more of the product’s benefits and features, I would say stop and start talking about the audience’s problems
and why their problems keep recurring, why they need to fix it, and the only way to do that is through your product.

And He Gave a good example –

But before I dive into that, I would like to touch on some points, that’ll better help you out,
“you can’t grow a massive audience by just showcasing your skills,” I’ve not grown a massive community on Tiktok I admit, though the reason Is that I want to focus on getting my first freelance client, so if you need a writer, Check my Bio, Besides you want to build a big business, and all you need is leverage, time, money and resources, And money can buy you other people’s time.

Back to the article, I read a lot, AND well, “readers are leaders,” I’ve learned quite a lot in Marketing, But I have grown quite a lot on Quora and Pinterest.

The Only place showcasing your editing skills can be valuable for you as a beginner, is YouTube, because people are deliberately searching for
“How to Edit My Picture on Photoshop,” Or, “The Best Edited Images.”

I was heading home with my brother after a long day, and this dude just strolled upon us.
“Hey you wanna buy this necklace, it’s cheap, it’s amazing, and fits you perfectly,” he said trying to put it on me for a test.

I really hate saying “NO,” I don’t really have the heart, especially in this case, pretty sure he’s trying to feed himself, or a family, But guess this, if he was selling that at the Jewry store, he’ll probably have a better chance of cold talking to someone, suit to say.
So, tell me why someone should create a How-to video on Tiktok when you’re first starting out.

“Tiktok is a storytelling platform,”
Gary Vaynerchuk gave a big content strategy that aligns with storytelling for Tiktok, which also works when it comes to attention on the internet,
I’ll share it later down below.

The point is instead of showcasing your work, tell the story behind that work, and this is where Michael Sanchez’s example fits in.
He Said,

“Think about it more as how to tell a story around a pain point
, that our average customer is facing, so instead of ,— ‘Here is the best product, or phone
you should totally buy this phone,’ — It’s more of like, ‘I always miss out on my family birthdays, the lighting always sucks and I needed to find a really good way, because, my husband always makes fun of me And I found this camera,…”

This will more likely get attention why? It’s relatable, I’ve been on a bad side of a picture because of bad lighting, and yeah people laughed, I know what it
feels like taking crappy pictures and videos.
Besides remember the old adage that says, “people don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel.” In This case, your viewer has this feeling of, wow The end result of the new camera is way awesome, my friends will totally freak out if I show them footage from this camera, I’ll stop being laughed at.

So, in the case of my friend, Here is what I told him, “instead of showcasing his pictures and how well designed there are, tell the story behind the design, what you went through,
something like this, “people will think this is easy, but you won’t know the pain unless you’re a designer, Literally live your life, talk about your pets, share videos of you, and your pets taking selfies, and show the edit results, believe me, it’ll get more views”

Although he didn’t take my advice, I still stand with it, he just quit.

So, what’s the secret to attention,…. Let’s explore what Gary Vaynerchuk said first.

This happened on Gary’s Q&A Section.
“I saw one video and you said post like 3-4 times a day,”
said by a girl.
“yes,” Gary said.
“ I Need some advice on that,” The girl said.

“I’ll help you, what are you posting about.”
“I’m posting about my niche market, which is, how to write a resume, career coaching, consulting and, job search.”
“yeap, Are you a foodie, do you like food,”

The girl totally went crazy laughing, “Are you serious, but that’s not my niche.”

“Let me explain to you how it works,” “Go for it,” she says.

“I post a video about sports cards, a 47years old executive sees that, because he’s into sports cards, never heard of me before, clicks on my account,
sees that am the CEO of Vaynermedia, clicks Vaynermedia, goes to the website, and then, becomes a client at Vaynermedia, whatever your hobby is,
I want you to post one time a day about your career, and I want you to post 2–3 times about you the human being, and I want you to make sure your profile says exactly what you do for a living, And links to your business page,”

“Got it,” she said.

Although this contains the secret to growing on Tiktok as well, that’s not why am writing, I want you to highlight these words, “I want you to post 2–3 times about you the human being.”

So what’s the secret, Gary also once said this,
“The biggest thing everyone has is their truth, but everyone tries to do what’s the right thing to do.” But what does that mean.
“Go Deeper into content creation, About anything like, tripped today, hurt my ankle, post, and the third comments will be like,
Jeez, I hurt my ankle too, We’re humans guys, it’s why reality tv won, ‘THE CLOSER TO THE TRUTH, THE BETTER.’

So finally, what is the secret to attention, “Storytelling,” “Communication,” “empathy, and lastly being you.

No matter what the platform is, except if you must, don’t be like some robot sent to write a blog post, or sent to make a video on Tiktok.



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